Program Rules

North Star Youth Exchange students will agree and abide by rules and codes of conduct throughout their year abroad. Some rules are designed for safety; others are to help students integrate into their new country and culture.
Rotary International

Rotary Youth Exchange – Program Section G:

Rules and Conditions of Exchange As a Youth Exchange student sponsored by a Rotary club or district. You must agree to the following rules and conditions of exchange. Violation of any of these rules may result in dismissal from the program and immediate return home, at student’s expense.

Rules & Codes of Conduct

  1. You must obey the laws of the host country. If found guilty of violating any law, you can expect no assistance from your sponsors or native country. You must return home at your own expense as soon as released by authorities.
  2. You will be under the host district’s authority while you are an exchange student and must abide by the rules and conditions of exchange provided by the host district. Parents or legal guardians must not authorize any extra activities directly to you. Any relatives you may have in the host country will have no authority over you while you are in the program.
  3. You are not allowed to possess or use illegal drugs. Legal medications that are prescribed to you by a physician are allowed. 
  4. The illegal drinking of alcoholic beverages is expressly forbidden.
  5. You may not operate a motorized vehicle, including but not limited to cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, boats, and other watercraft, or participate in driver education programs.
  6. Smoking is discouraged. If you state in your application that you do not smoke, you will be held to that position throughout your exchange. Your acceptance and host family placement is based on your signed statement. Under no circumstances are you to smoke in your host family’s bedrooms.
  7. Body piercing or obtaining a tattoo while on your exchange is prohibited, for health reasons.
  8. You must make every effort to learn the language of the host country, and may be responsible for any costs for tutoring, language camps, or other instruction.
  9. Limit your use of the Internet and mobile phones, as directed by your host district, host club, and host family. Excessive or inappropriate use is not acceptable. Accessing or downloading pornographic material is expressly forbidden.
  10. You must attend school regularly and make an honest attempt to succeed.
  11. You must have health and accident or travel insurance that provides coverage for accidental injury and illness, death benefits (including repatriation of remains), disability/dismemberment benefits, emergency medical evacuation, emergency visitation expenses, 24-hour emergency assistance services, and legal services, in amounts satisfactory to the host Rotary club or district in consultation with the sponsor Rotary club or district, with coverage from the time of your departure from your home country until your return.
  12. You must also have liability coverage through a travel insurance or other applicable policy, in amounts satisfactory to the host Rotary club or district in consultation with the sponsor Rotary club or district.
  13. You must have sufficient financial support to assure your well-being during your exchange. Your host district may require a contingency fund for emergency situations. Unused funds will be returned to you or to your parents or legal guardians at the end of your exchange.
  14. You must follow the travel rules of your host district. Travel is permitted with host parents or for Rotary club or district functions authorized by the host Rotary club or district with proper adult chaperones. The host district and club, host family, and your parents or legal guardians must approve any other travel in writing, thus exempting Rotary of responsibility and liability.
  15. You must return home directly by a route mutually agreeable to your host district and your parents or legal guardians.
  16. Any costs related to an early return home or any other unusual costs (language tutoring, tours, etc.) are the responsibility of you and your parents or legal guardians.
  17. Visits by your parents or legal guardians, siblings, or friends while you are on exchange may only take place with the host club’s and district’s consent and within their guidelines. Typically, visits may be arranged only in the last quarter of the exchange or during school breaks and are not allowed during major holidays.
  18. Serious romantic activity is to be avoided. Sexual activity is forbidden.
  19. Talk with your host club counselor, host parents, or other trusted adult if you encounter any form of abuse or harassment.