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Welcome to North Star Youth Exchange, where we believe in providing equal opportunities for students to experience life-changing adventures on a nondiscriminatory basis. Our mission is to offer transformative year-long and summer short-term exchange programs that allow students to explore a new country, immerse themselves in a different culture, and forge lasting friendships.

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Year long program

North Star Youth Exchange and Rotary Clubs in central and southern Minnesota and western Wisconsin offers long term exchanges (one academic year) to students in the North Star region. This program gives students the opportunity to spend one year of high school abroad, staying with two to three host families and immersing themselves in a new culture.

Summer Short Term Exchange Program

North Star Youth Exchange now offers a Short Term program. Experience a life-changing summer, discover a new country, and develop new friendships.

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Are you coming to North Star area as an exchange student? This area features a vast array of new experiences for you. From the north woods to the Twin Cities, the Wisconsin to the Dakotas, you’ll have the opportunity to discover all that Minnesota and Wisconsin has to offer.

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